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Åh, så fin! (haha, vad många du lägger upp;))

2012-02-15 @ 09:23:58
URL: http://ellir.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

Hi Clara,

Nice blog. We love it.

We’ve been taking note of your style and we've come to be wonderfully addicted to it.

We'd like to invite you as our 1st group of fashionista to join WhatIWear in a conquest to inspire the world,changing one wardrobe at a time.

Click HERE to become a member - www.whatiwear.com

Or check our blog at blog.whatiwear.com


Here are some members who have already joined us.

Anastasia Siantar - brownplatform.com

Andree Judd - avantgardien.tumblr.com

Willabell Ong - paledivision.blogspot.com

Marie Hamm - themavenpost.blogpost.com

Paris & London - themadtwins.blogspot.com

Alyssa Lau - theordinarypeoples.blogspot.com

Nadine Drexler - whengreengrasswasyellowonpictures.com

White Lace - whitelace.ro

Becka Häggblom - sunshineinnorth.blogspot.com

Michalina Z - stook-pook.blogspot.com

Jessica C - westmountfashionista.com

Claradevi Handriatmadja - luce-dale.com

2012-04-02 @ 05:29:46
URL: http://whatiwear.com

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